Frederick Matthew Philpott achieved his honours in Aeronautical Engineering in 2005 at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He started working in the planning department (as an assistant) and then the maintenance department (as a mechanical specialist) of DaimlerChrysler in the Mercedes C-Class division. This work in Germany and South Africa allowed him to experience multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teamwork on a very large scale. It also gave him the opportunity to learn about manufacturing, maintenance and quality control in one of the most assembly intensive and quality conscious industries in the world. The automobile industry is a magnificent creature: the scales are huge, the timings are tight and the results are often spectacular. A beautiful combination of art and engineering.

After deciding to move to Belgium, his focus changed slightly. He wanted to continue his work with dynamic and diverse teams, but on a smaller, more personal scale with more focus on research and development. He joined the Verhaert team in 2008 and began to appreciate how even small teams and companies can have a large impact on markets, both local and international. Specialising in fluid and thermo- dynamics as well as testing and rapid prototyping, and bringing his manufacturing and quality knowledge to the design table, he was able to realise a host of projects in various fields together with teams that worked with so much passion and personality. Projects ranging from dispensing beer, to microwaving tea, from orthopaedic implants to chemical leakage detection systems, from air compressing and drying equipment to active internal medical devices, with fall detection, photo plate developing, windscreen wiper manufacturing and roof based energy generation along the way.

It was impossible not to gain project experience in such an invigorating environment. With increasing project experience, comes greater responsibility and soon Matthew was managing more and more projects with growing team sizes. Engineering a solution and managing a solution are often very different activities. This mix of both worlds provided invaluable experience and realisations in the way product and process development works.

With this broad knowledge along with deep roots in his specialisation areas, Matthew decided to attack the next challenge and start up his own company. A venture that understands the limits, but potential and flexibility of small companies, as well as the demands and responsibilities of larger companies, to bring a creative, personalised approach to supporting the engineering needs of its clients. Enter FR Engineering & Development Consultancy, enter Creative Engineering Support.